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A wish iS NOT a WiLL

– WiLL iT to be,

so, iT WiLL BE,

and, so iT iS . . .

~ Your WiLL provides THE WAY !!!

~ susan lynne schwenger



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Susan Lynne Schwenger

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“In the time of the Seventh Fire New People will emerge.

They will retrace their steps to find what was left by the trail.

Their steps will take them to the Elders
who they will ask to guide them on their journey.

But many of the Elders will have fallen asleep.

They will awaken to this new time with nothing to offer.

Some of the Elders will be silent because no one
will ask anything of them.

The New People will have to be careful in how they approach the Elders.

The task of the New People will not be easy.

“If the New People will remain strong in their quest the Water Drum of the Midewiwin Lodge will again sound its voice.

There will be a rebirth of the Anishinabe Nation
and a rekindling of old flames.

The Sacred Fire will again be lit.

“It is this time that the light skinned race
will be given a choice between two roads.

If they choose the right road,

then the Seventh Fire 

will light the Eighth

and Final Fire, 

an eternal fire of peace, love brotherhood

and sisterhood.

If the light skinned race makes the wrong choice

of the roads, then the destruction which they brought

with then in coming to this country will come back

at them and cause much suffering and death

to all the Earth’s people.”

~William Commanda

(November 11, 1913 – August 3, 2011)

-an Algonquin elder, spiritual leader, and promoter of environmental stewardship.

Commanda served as Band Chief of The Kitigàn-zìbì Anishinàbeg First Nation near Maniwaki, Quebec, from 1951 to 1970.

In his life, he worked as a guide, a trapper and woodsman,
and was a skilled craftsman and artisan who excelled
at constructing birch bark canoes.

He was Keeper of several Algonquin wampum shell belts,
which held records of prophecies, history, treaties
and agreements.

In 2008 he received the Order of Canada.

Posted by: Susan Lynne Schwenger
#the13thbridge #thefinalfire

Finding your ‘authentic’ and, ‘real’ self

On the topic of finding
your authentic and real self 


Steven Eagle Heart Harp says:

~~~~~^  ^~~~~~

and, that iS eXactly
when you find your ‘real’ self 
Be who you are…
and, do that eloquently  !!!
WiLL iT to be, so, iT WiLL BE 
and, so, iT iS . 
~ susan lynne schwenger


So, my good friend, Ed Cousineau sends me an awesome message:

The Bible says we have to bless each other
so we can live in love.
So I’m sending you this message.
Today is a day of blessing!
I bless you:
I bless your heart.
Your life.
Your health.
Your home.
Your family.
Your work.
Your finances and your projects,
in the name of Jesus!
Choose who you want to bless and send me too. “

WOW, what a powerful message

if all of us, sent this out to everyone !!!
and, i say back to Ed…
~susan lynne schwenger

How to call in your ancestors, angels, guides, and guardians



















and, DOiNG iT with the right alignments…

and, DOiNG iT with the right intentions…

and, DOiNG iT with the right precautions…

in a completely & totally safe way


This article has been written,

in order to help you to learn how you can assemble

your own spiritual team,             

and, in the process do it in the right way

to keep yourself totally protected and safe.

This is a very important part of the process,

in creating a rewarding and totally safe spiritual practice.

So, how is it,

that you to can get connected to  

your Ancestors, Angels, Guides and Guardians ?

And, how do you do it,

in the correct and right way that you can be sure

you cover all the bases ?

First, you have to get yourself to your own quiet,

sacred        and safe place.

This is your special place, it is a place you will create, 

where you will NOT be disturbed.

Then, simply:

ask, ask, ask – three times
which is how you start to draw out,                                                     

a very complex, yet simple,

command and demand statement,

that will land you in a sacred circle.

The eXample, we utilize is, as follows:

We command, and, We demand,
in 100% alignment with our original missions,
in 100% alignment with our original purposes,
and, in 100% alignment with our original tasks,                            those things that we chose pre-natally prior to incarnating to Mother Earth, and, those things that we have chosen to amend since incarnating on Mother Earth.

Then, simply:
sign this off, with your own soul sigil aka soul signature
ie; 333 333 315* *** 

it will consist of 13 letters
(never, give another soul, all 13 of your letters)

in the spirit world, this soul sigil aka soul signature
could be likened, to someone having an exclusive direct cell phone number that goes directly to the heart of your soul.

If you want details on how to draw your soul sigil aka your soul signature – simply follow these directions:

This has been taken from:
The Rose Cross Soul Signature aka Soul Sigil Creator

“Modern Magick” by Donald Michael Kraig 

& “The Golden Dawn” by Israel Regardie

Rose Cross Soul Signature aka Soul Sigil Creator

Rose Cross Soul Signature aka Soul Sigil Creator

Soul Sigils aka Soul Signatures are magical keys that can

pull you toward a certain energy, nonphysical place,

nonphysical master, archangel, and, can allow you to

create your own soul sigil  aka soul signature.

The idea is to focus on the Rose Cross Soul Sigil

aka Soul Signature

and then utilize it in your dreams, meditation, invocation,

or during out of body travel to connect you to other


For example the soul sigil aka soul signature Rose Cross Soul Sigil aka Soul Signature of Malkuth
can help you to travel to The Tree of Life Sphere Malkuth, just by your intentions,
and, by focusing on it.

You can also make a card and put the Rose Cross Soul Sigil aka Soul Signature
on it, and, it will help you to acquire certain energies.

For example you can make a Rose Cross Soul Signature aka Soul Sigil of Geburah put it on a card and carry the card with you, to pull toward you strength and courage.

How to create a Rose Cross Soul Sigil aka Soul Signature
~Simply photocopy the Rose Cross Soul Sigil aka Soul Signature Template below…
and, then find the first letter in the word, and, make a dot,
then, find the second letter in the word, and, make a dot,

then, find the third letter in the word, and, make a dot,
until you have spelled out all the letters in the words,
and, then simply connect the dots, in the same order,
as, the letters.

The Rose Cross Soul Sigil aka Soul Signature
will always start with a circle and end with a line…

see below, the example of Rose Cross Soul Sigil aka Soul Signature of Malkuth.

If a letter does NOT exist on the template, then use the sound of the letter instead,
or if that is NOT possible then just omit the letter completely from
The Rose Cross Soul Sigil aka Soul Signature template.

Rose Cross Soul Sigil aka Soul Signature can be created in any language.

Photo Credits:

Next, utilize a technique you are familiar with,

in the creation of the drawing of your sacred circle,

and, utilize a technique you are familiar with,

to put, your guardians & your guides, that are also,

in 100% alignment with your missons, purposes and tasks

~anything you have chosen, prenatally

and, anything you have chosen,

to amend after incarnating into your current life cycle.

It is always a good idea,
to put all of your sacred notes to paper,
and, through writing of these sacred notes with your hands,
all of this information,
will become part and parcel of your “Book of Lives”                  and, of this lifetime.

~ it is a good idea,

to ask for this book to be given to someone you trust,
at the end of your life, so, they might learn from it                      ~and, then, they should burn it.


A lot of people, do NOT really know,
exactly how to do this:






This is the first time, in this life cycle
that, i am without my own dearly departed Father                     aka Dad aka My Popa.





Sadly, he departed back on 08 May 2013
he was, in my opinion, a very special soul
he was born, on 31 OCT 1931
at 10 lbs 3.1 oz at 10:31pm est
so, here goes…

The Best Way to Attract, Call-In, and, to Honour your Ancestors, Angels, Guardians & Guides…
both The Matriarchal Lineage,                                                            which is the divine female lineage
of female grandmothers, aunts, sisters, cousins, etc.,
going back:

for seven (7) generations x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 times

& The Patriarchal Lineage, which is the divine male lineage

of male grandfathers, uncles, brothers, cousins, etc.,

going back for seven 7 generations

x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 times

(this will cover approx 8,234,543 souls 

 – with approx 25 years to a generation)

if you wish to go further back,

just simply multiply for another 7 times, to infinity.

Ask, Ask, Ask, three times:

To go through all of your incarnations related to:

your ancestral lineages

along, with ask, ask, ask

to go through all of your incarnations related to:

your spiritual lineages

along, with ask, ask, ask

to go through all of your discarnate life cycles,

where you have worked as spirit guardian,

and/or spirit guide to other beings, or souls.

Simply, know:

“Will is The Way”
~ Susan Lynne Schwenger

and, Simply, know:

“Will it to be, so, it will be, and, so, it is”
~ Susan Lynne Schwenger

anything that is ‘signed off’  with your own soul sigil aka

soul signature is very powerful stuff,

for this is the true root of real magic aka magick 

This is a method, we know, where YOUR WiLL will work

to help you to utilize correct methods of:

eXchange & eXchanging with Your Ancestors, Angels,

Guardians and Guide through 7 subsets:

Honour aka Honor, is linked, or is mated to Honoring,
Gift, is linked, or is mated to Gifting,
Hear, is linked, or is mated to Lower Hearing and Higher Hearing
Offer, is linked, or is mated to Offering
Pray aka Prayer, is linked, or is mated to Praying
Give, is linked, and is mated to Receive & Receiving & Giving
Receive, is linked, and, is gated to Give & Giving & Receiving
See , is linked, or is mated to Lower Seeing and Higher Seeing

This technique of Susan Lynne Schwenger will introduce you,
NOT only, to a real ritual, but, will allow you to weave into   

The Web, of All Connections

and, it will start a process for you, 

to forge your own special connections,

those that will lead you back,

to your ancestors & angels, 

along with their guardians, and, their guides,

and, also, to your ‘true’ connections

to your own assortment of guardians and, guides.

This can be done, following:  

The Ritualistic Rule of The Infinite Sets of Seven (7)                                    by Susan Lynne Schwenger 

First, create a special space,

that is a sacred space,

which measures approx 56″ x 56″

(you can utlise, any increment of seven(7),

for example 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, 49, 56, 63, 70, 77, or 84…)

and, always, utilize natural fabrics,

and, always utilize the colour of white, or off-white fabrics.

Always, when introducing any item, to your alter,

ask the item, if it wants to work with you,

and, if the answer, is yes

proceed, to anoint and, to pray over your items

with a clean, clear and focused mind

and, an open, pure and sincere heart

so, that you can clearly define,
your intended missions, your intended purposes,                       and, your intended tasks

related to your ‘real’ intentions for putting this item,

along with your will into your intended action

relates to your task as The Creator of your creation,

as, this is what will create the good contact,

and, the forged eXchange,

you are creating, so, it is always,

and, in ways putting in your good intentions and,

your good work,

into the equation you have created,

known as your creation,

To The Connections with Your Ancestors, Angels,

Guardians and Guides.

Do NOT sit to do this type of work,

ever with a child in your arms,

as, you do NOT want The Spirit World,

to think, you are holding up your child,

as, an “offering”, or “the offering”.

This, is why, in many indigenous tribal traditions,

we do NOT carry our children  into the dance circle,
but, instead, we choose to allow the child,

to decide to dance,

or, to enter a sacred dance circle,

solely on their own soles of their own feet,     

and, solely on their own ability to propel their own power,

to do so.


Also, it is OK, for you to dance, sit, or stand,                                            while you choose to do your chosen work.

We offer, refer to this work, as, your ‘good work’.

Also, do NOT set up any sacred space in your bathroom, basement or bedroom.

Prior, to doing this ceremony aka ritual
get a very large glass, with a wide rim
utilize a form of ‘clean, clear, or natural’ water
and, put it into this glass, allow it,
to sit for seven (7) full days.

Do NOT touch it,                                                                                              and, Do NOT add any more water to the glass,
just allow it, to sit there, to be.

You will likely begin to notice,
that the water in the glass will start to appear to disappear,
this is good, since, it will signify that your Ancestors,  Angels, Guardians or Guides are beginning a process of Visiting aka Visitation aka The Visit                            and, that they are indeed taking to drinking your offering of the sacred water.

NEVER, refill this glass, until after your ceremony is complete.

Always be sure to utilize a white candle in your work,
along with white flowers                                                                            (if, you desire to utilize a flower in your ritual),
and, NEVER rush into any ritualistic work,
and, NEVER rush out of any sacred ceremony,                         or The Sacred Circle. 

Sometimes, it is at the very ending of a ritual,
that, the most profound things begin to occur.

It is important, to learn discipline, patience & respect
with any ceremony or ritual that you choose, to do.

It is a good idea, to set aside,
at least thirteen (13) minutes per day,
one, two or three times per day,
for a period of at least seven (7) consecutive days,
and, to do it, in such a way, that you are always doing it,
at exactly the same time of the day, the afternoon,                or the night.

When, you go to light your ‘white’ candle,
always, utilize ‘wood’ match sticks.

NEVER utilize a common lighter that is used for other things.

Also, if you are also ‘burning’ a ‘sacred’ fire,
you can light the candle, utilizing the “fire keepers stick”,
as you begin the ritual process,
to eXchange with your ancestors, angels, guardians and guides.

Some people, burn a candle, and, leave it burning,
and, some people, burn a candle,
for only the eXact period of time of                                                The Ceremony or The Ritual,
The Choice, is always yours,
to let it burn, or, to put it out.
Also, NEVER offer your breath,
to the candle,
or, to the sacred fire…
and, always make sure,
that you find a good way,
to eXtinguish the flame,
when you are finished your ceremony or ritual
~the rest of your sacred water, is the best choice,
and, it is always there, ready for that purpose.

It is a good idea, to make a list of your ancestors,
as, well as, your angels, spirit guardians, or spirit guides,
and, when you start your ceremony or ritual,
you can, call them, by their names…
Always do your “calling in” process,
by requesting them, by utilizing:

We command, and, we demand
in 100% alignment, with our missions,our purposes, and, our tasks,and, by stating this intention, three (3) times.

Always start off your eXchange by:
The offering of the gift ,
by way of the offering and gifting of the water,
to your Ancestors, Angels, Guardians or Guides,
since it is the 1st element,
Ask, Ask, Ask to develop your lower & higher levels of:

hearing, feeling, sensing, and, seeing

and, ask, ask, to develop your abilities of:

eXchanging, through giving and receiving,
through the offer to Pray,
and, through offering Prayer, via your action of Praying.

It is all about The eXchange, REMEMBER that, and,              never forget that.

Now, it is Time to Call in, your Ancestors, Angels, Guardians and Guardians 
from all directions of time-space, space-time, and,
anywhere you do NOT yet know where to ask for them,
which will imply, everywhere…
through all forms of energy,
which is used to define us, and, them.

“energy is, colour aka color, frequency, light, sound, tone and vibration through the lower six levels, and,
through higher expressed equations, of the same
through The Central Vertical Channel,
both, The Lower Central Vertical Channel,
and, The Higher Central Vertical Channel. 

After_all, REMEMBER

mathematics is the language of relations,
and, of love”

– Susan Lynne Schwenger

NOW, you might begin the process,
of asking three times,
to begin a dialogue with your Ancestors, Angels, Guardians or Guides.

This could include things,
like your expressed gratitude, for the good eXchanges            you have had with them in the past
like your expressed desire, for forgiveness
like your expressed desire, to forgive them
like your expressed desire, for healing of dis_ease
(never utilize the word – dis*ease)
like your expressed desire, to heal them
like your expressed desire, for good energy
like your expressed desire, to send them good energy
like your expressed desire, to communicate with them
like your expressed desire, to have them communicate with you
like your expressed desire, to have them protect you
like your expressed desire, to have them guide you
like your expressed desire, to have them nuture you
like your expressed desire,                                                                    to develop the ears to hear them
like your expressed desire, to develop the eyes to see them
and, most importantly it can be a good idea, to express your desire, to sit quickly, and, allow them,                                  to dialogue or eXchange with you,
anything, that they feel,
that would be important to you,
to hear, feel, sense or see,
in that particular moment of THE NOW
in this particular eXchange, and, eXchanging process.

And, then, you might want to detail to them,
what exactly your intent, or your intentions might be
for wanting to exchange with them,
to gain greater knowledge, or understanding on an assortment of topics
~ it never ceases to amaze me,
what my own Ancestors, Angels, Guardians or Guides            will come up with
if you will simply ask, ask, ask them,
and, then, you will simply allow them,
to act, as your ancestral ancestors, angels, guardians, and guides,
you must choose to make this intention, you chosen intent,
before any of them, will come into action, and, enter the eXchange.

All of these beings, your ancestral ancestors, angels,  guides and guardians
will become an imporant part of your Arsenal of Defense,
this is one of the most important duties, they will prove you with, should you choose to make this, a part of your ongoing requests.

As, with any ceremony or ritual,
it is important to follow the instructions,
that are given to you.

Always give blessings, and, ask for a blessing
– good eXchange & good work are the two greatest blessings of all

Write all of there names on a special piece of good quality ‘natural’ fiber cloth
or, paper, and, leave that placed upon your alter,
and, it is NEVER a good idea, to wrap this list,
or, any item on your alter,
in any unnatural or man-made type of plastic or wrap.

We were taught, the importance of “calling-in” our ancestors – three times

Address them, by their names;

Grandfather – and, then, their spirit name (if known to you)
and, then, by their given names – first, middle, and, surname
and, then, their birth dates (if known to you)
and, then, their crossing dates (if known to you)
and, then, state, your association to them,
(ie; This is grand-daughter – Susan)
following that, by stating, your spirit name, and, your given names
(known as “333 333 315* ***”, you also knew me, as Suzy)
and, then get real clear, on your real intent(s) and, intention(s)
you want to bring forth in this particular eXchange.
You can call in, as, many or as few as you choose,                        it is always your choice. 

We have always found, it is best, to call in:

The Matriarchal Lineage of females,
followed by The Patriarchal Lineage of males,
followed by Guardians & Guides,
and, you can also ask for ‘new’ ones to join in,
any that are in 100% alignment with missions, purposes and tasks,
and, only those that have a desire, to come to us, at this time.

Please accept my energy, and, my request to eXchange
energy, knowledge~wisdom and power,
and, to allow ‘good work’ to happen,
through time-space, and, space-time,
and, anywhere, that i do NOT yet know where to ask for it,
which, implies EVERYWHERE.

Always take the time,
to express your gratitude, and, your love,
and, do NOT ever forgot to tell them,
that they are missed…
and, that it is your sincere desire,
to forge these roads of connection with them,
so, that, good energies can flow, one to the other,
as, you all travel these roads of connection, and, re-connection…

which applying the virtues of:

With the ‘end result’ being love.

There is NO definite way,
to tell someone, how it is, that they should choose to pray
– it is only important to draw a sacred space in the form of a circle, and, to always remember, to close this sacred space,
when you are finished working in the spiritual realms.
NEVER, utilize pictures of ancestors,                                         that also include any ‘living’ beings
~as, you do NOT want any living being or person,
to be considered to be any part of:

‘The Offering’ to the spirit world

Always, be aware, that the spirit world,
can sometimes work in mysterious ways,
and, the answer, could come to you, in unusual ways.

Pay attention to your dreams,
dream_time, can be a very important time.

Sometimes, it will be you, that dreams up a solution, to a problem, or the question.

Sometimes, it will be your ancestors, angels, guardians or guides that will come to you in your dreams,                                  and, bring to you the solution,
to the problem, or the question.

Sometimes, the problem will just absolutely disappear or completely vanish. 

When awakening in the morning,
it often helps, to remember your dreams,
to keep your eyes closed for thirteen (13) minutes,
and, if you can, keep a notebook & pencil on your bed-stand or night table.

When doing spiritual work,
it is advisable to honour yourself,
by keeping your mind, body and soul

clear of angry  or bad thoughts,

 and, NOT being under the influence of alcohol 

and, always, and, in all ways being mindful and respectful in your relationships with others

as, everything is interconnected

and, what you choose to weave into your equation                   

and, eXchange of life, also, gets woven

into the greater tapestry, 

which is know, to all tribal people,

as The Great Web of Life & The Great Web of Lives, 

which connects all living beings

to The Sacred Hoop of Life & The Sacred Hoop of Lives.






Article by:  Susan Lynne Schwenger

Nov 18, 2014

Susan Lynne Schwenger aka The eXchanger

BeYonder aka Talks with Thunder(s) aka White Lotus Star

Wassenakoshka Anang ~ Wassenakoshka Giisis
(Bright Shining Star ~ Bright Shining Sun

aka Ziigwan Nibi (Spring Waters)

Doctor of Metaphysics, Msc.D, DMeta, MsD, (ABD)

Internationally known Cosmologist,

Day – Night – Record – Time – Wisdom Keeper

Elder – Grandmother

Healer – Sage – Seer

Spiritual Medicine Woman

through Ceremony – Counselling – Doctoring

International Award Winning Author – Poet

LABOURS of LOVE, Noble House, UK – 2004,                                                    Title: BURIED WITHIN MY HEART


THE BEST POEMS and POETS of 2004 – 2004

Editors Choice 2003, 2002, 2001

The Top 33 Poets in The World, The Sound of Poetry (2001)








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Everyone needs to do something today that touches a heart !!!

Everyone needs to do something today that touches a heart !!!








TOOT-TOOT, this is:  



This video, along with the comment

below touches my heart…

what if everyone did something today

that touched another heart ???

Be caring, Be Generous, Be Kind !!!

~ susan lynne schwenger




Everyday, the empath within me

sees something that touches my heart


Mike T Campbell  of facebook,

(you touched my heart with your comments


“I’m not patting myself on the back I promise

but I can’t stand seeing kids going without.

I was in a store one day and 3 young boys came in.

Two of them had money and one didn’t

I noticed it and it broke my heart.

I took a few bucks from my wallet

and just gave it to the kid that didn’t have any money

and walked away.

It makes me feel sick seeing some kids having and some not.

I know a few bucks isn’t much but at least the kid was on a semi level playing field

with the others.”