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iS iT POSSiBLE to change the world ???









“The world will NOT be destroyed

by those who do evil,


by those who watch them

without doing anything”

~ Albert Einstein






“We are here to change the world…

and, we are NOT alone !!! “

SO, what are you doing to change the world ???





First Pentacle of The Sun


The ‘El Shaddai’ Talisman
brings The Possessor all things they will to desire

Second Pentacle of the Sun


This sigil will completely and totally repress and stop
the arrogance, pride and will of those who are welding
any form of energy in opposition to The Possessor.

Third Pentacle of the Sun


This sigil will attract renown, glory, riches.

Fourth Pentacle of the Sun


This seal aka sigil or its energy signature
will enable The Possessor to see up and,
through 12 levels, and, will allow
The Possessor to see others as they are,
NOT as they might be pretending to be.  
When you position this seal in the vicinity of a friend or a foe,
their true thoughts and secret heart will be opened to you.

Fifth Pentacle of the Sun


This seal envokes the spirits who can transport one from any place to any place, and in a short time.

Sixth Pentacle of the Sun


Provides invisibility to the possessor at request.

Seventh Pentacle of the Sun


This seal reputedly releases one from prison,
opening all locks & breaking all fetters which bind one.

First Pentacle of the Moon


Open’s all doors and locks,
no matter in what way they are fastened.

Second Pentacle of the Moon


Protects against all perils by water, calms one in the event of natural phenomena such as electrical storms, hurricanes, earthquakes or tornadoes.

Third Pentacle of the Moon


Protects against all dangers of travel, all attacks by night, and every danger from water.

Fourth Pentacle of the Moon


Defends from all evil, and from any injury to body or soul.

Fifth Pentacle of the Moon


Protects against all Phantoms of the night which may cause restless sleep or nightmares, and aids in obtaining answers to questions or problems through dreams.

Sixth Pentacle of the Moon


A wonderful magical talisman, designed to bring rain. Place it in water, and as long as it remains there, the rains will continue.

First Pentacle of Mercury


Conveys personal magnetism upon the owner.

Second Pentacle of Mercury


This Talisman is said to gain the impossible. granting wishes contrary to the order of nature.

Third Pentacle of Mercury


Influences the written word, tending to make one eloquent in letters, papers, or any writing. Used by all who wish to impress others with there literary skills, particularly poets & authors.

Fourth Pentacle of Mercury


Assists in gaining knowledge & understanding in all things, and to penetrate the hidden thought of others.

Fifth Pentacle of Mercury


Serves to open doors of any kind, for nothing it encounters can resist or defeat it.

First Pentacle of Venus


Brings friendships to the possessor.

Second Pentacle of Venus


For obtaining grace & honor, and for accomplishing all desires in matters of the heart.

Third Pentacle of Venus


This serves to attract love, respect, and admiration.

Fourth Pentacle of Venus


Of great power, this forces any person the owner desires to come to him or her.

Fifth Pentacle of Venus


The seal which excites great passion and desire when shown to another.

First Pentacle of Mars


The Talisman for gaining courage, ambition, enthusiasm & all physical accomplishments.

Second Pentacle of Mars


Serves with great success against all kinds of diseases when it is applied to afflicted parts.

Third Pentacle of Mars


This seal is of value in resisting one’s enemies, and for exciting wrath, discord & hostility among others.

Fourth Pentacle of Mars


Of great power of towards bringing victory or vindication in an argument or battle of any kind.

Fifth Pentacle of Mars


Causes all demons to obey the wishes of the possessor of this powerful seal.

Sixth Pentacle of Mars


The owner of this cannot be harmed. If attacked, the foe’s weapon shall turn against him.

Seventh Pentacle of Mars


The possessor pronounces the Divine Names of El and Yiai to bring confusion to one’s enemies.

First Pentacle of Jupiter


A Talisman for acquiring treasure for gaining business.

Second Pentacle of Jupiter


The Magical Seal for acquiring glory,honors, riches, & tranquility of mind.

Third Pentacle of Jupiter


Defends & protects against any enemy & against any evil spirits which may linger near one’s person or home.

Fourth Pentacle of Jupiter


Serves to acquire wealth and honor.

Fifth Pentacle of Jupiter


This hath great power to assure visions.

Sixth Pentacle of Jupiter


Protects form all earthly dangers.

Seventh Pentacle of Jupiter


It has great power against poverty.

First Pentacle of Saturn


Designed to compel others to submit to the possessor’s wishes & requests.

Second Pentacle of Saturn


Of great value when meeting with adversaries in business or competitions of any kind. It should be carried when looking for work or negotiating any financial contracts.

Third Pentacle of Saturn


Good for protection against any plots made by others & for defense against evil spirits.

Fourth Pentacle of Saturn


This seal is liked by those who wish to impose their will upon others. It also alleged to bring good news to the possessor.

Fifth Pentacle of Saturn


Protects the home, and guards all treasures & possessions one may own.

Sixth Pentacle of Saturn


Pronounce an enemy’s name and repeat ‘Set thou a wicked one to be ruler over him and let satan stand at his right hand’ to cause the foe to be possessed by demons.

Seventh Pentacle of Saturn


This Talisman is reputed to make others listen and tremble before the words of the wearer.

Always and, in all ways …

Always and, in all ways…
Give people much more than they bargained for,
or, give people much more than they expected to receive…
and, be caring, cheerful, honest, and, kind while doing so !!!
Only get involved with a man, or with a woman
that you love to eXchange with,
because as you get older, you will also become smarter,
and, this will result in developing yourself into a wiser being,
and, as such, a wise man, or a wise women requires a circle of friends
who also possess these rare talents of being both conversational
and, energetically able to put ‘good energy’ into the friendship equation through having highly developed interpersonal skills.
Do NOT believe all the things you hear, or you see,
get yourself to a state of ‘knowing’.
Do NOT spend all the energy or money you have,
save some for a rainy day.
Remember, love is the end result…
so, you must NOT only be loveable, but, also loving…
and, when you declare, ‘I love you ,’
really put all your energy into that eXchange…
so, the other people really know, your ‘we love you’ is ‘real’.
Always look other people in the eye, with both your eyes…
and, tell them eXactly what you ‘feel’…
if you have done something ‘bad’, admit it
and, really put some energy behind your statements.
If you really truly are sorry … eXpress that with all that you are
and, make a declaration, that you will never run over that ‘bad road’ twice.
Never, jump the gun, it takes approx 360 days to get to know someone, so, do NOT be running off, and, getting yourself tied into something that is expensive to get out of — living with someone, or, getting married is a very serious commitment — think before you leap into something
KNOW, that you can like someone at first sight,
however, real love takes a lot of effort and time to develop !!!
Be supportive towards others, and, help them to find their dreams and their passions…
it is NEVER kind to laugh at, or ridicule someone else who has a dream…especially, if you do NOT have your own dreams,
NEVER rain on someone else’s parade.
Realize, it is very, very necessary to have dreams…and,
you can, will, and, shall dig deeply into yourself to uncover them…
if will is the way.
The only people who love, also run the risk of being hurt…
so,  energetically express all that you are, into your equations of love,
because that is the only way, to be ‘whole’ and ‘complete’.
If you are going to eXchange with others,
eXchange fairly – you are NOT always going to agree with others, however, make the fight, a fair fight…
and, remember ‘words’ can NOT be recalled…
if two people need to fight, then both of them are fools !!!
Think, before you speak … and, speak only after you think !!!
If your words are NOT kind, or, you feel the need to call someone else a ‘bad name’ – hold your tongue !!!
NEVER judge someone based on family, or based on friends.
Slow down your eXchange…so, others can have the ability to process the pieces of information, along with the things you are trying to tell them, 80% of communication, is actually NON verbal.
Measure three times, but, cut only once.
When someone asks you for your input,
always know, you are NOT required to provide it …
so, if you do NOT immediately want to answer a question…
you might want to put a smile on your face,
and, ask them, “what would be the great purpose, for you knowing the answer to that question”…
and, wait for them to give you an answer…
before you proceed further.
Remember, nothing ventured is nothing gained…
be willing to factor risk into every equation you eXchange within
~but do it in ways that it is fair and equitable to both sides of the equation.
Always, and, in all ways, play the game with a good attitude,
and, fairly, when you lose, lose as graciously as you win,
it is NOT whether you win, or you lose that counts,
it is ALWAYS, and in all ways how you play the game.
Remember, that an investment of time into others,
is one of the only things that pays back worthwhile dividends.
If you are going to invest your time,
choose to be totally present in the moment.
Get rid of your cell phone when you are having a ‘good’ conversation or a ‘good’ eXchange or a ‘good’ time with others,
there will come a time, when those others will no longer be present,
and, you will wish you had NOT wasted one oz. of energy
on anyone else but them, when they are gone!!!
Wonder why you likely lose your job, or, your kid loses their job,
over, and, over again ?
Well, a good employer is NOT going to tell you to park your cell phone while  you are working, instead, they will say NOTHING,
they will begin to realize that you are very likely dumb,
and, a total waste of their breath, and, their time,
so, they will NOT need someone like you,
who is more intent on your personal life,
than, where you might go to in your business life,
that texting on the employers time,
a smart employer, will see to it,
that you just do NOT fit into their schedule.
Run your personal life, and, your private life the same…
have integrity, and, always tell the truth.
Remember the great lessons of life:
Acceptance & Appreciation

Bravery & Courage

Compassion & Courtesy

Fair mindedness

Forgiveness & Grace

Honour & Humility

Patience & Perseverance

Respect for Authority & Respect for Elders

Which will result in your own knowing & understanding of:

The importance of giving of your time unselfishly,

and, being in loving service to others .

Be responsible for all of your actions, ALWAYS !!!

Learn to love yourself, and, put yourself first,
if you are NOT strong, you can NOT be strong for others,
so, pay attention to everything you choose to feed,
both your mind, and, your body, along with your soul.
Value your business associates, as, well as your friends,
treat others as you like to be treated,
and, if you can NOT do that,
kindly remove yourself from their lives,
and, set them free.
If you make an ‘error’ – own it
and, admit it…everyone makes mistakes
however, be smart enough to know
there are ways to fix it, and, do so immediately,
take steps to make sure you do NOT repeat the same mistakes
over, and, over again.
Get up in the morning…and, do good things for yourself.
Go to bed…and, ask, ask, ask, to dream.
Imagine the power, when The Dream, along with The Dreamer become one, and, the same !!!
Do NOT sleep your life away…
instead, command and demand,
in 100% alignment with your missions, your purposes
and your tasks, that you are able to remember what those are, through the state of ‘dreaming’
and, ask, ask, ask, to allow yourself to remember
what that is, during your 3d waking states.
Feed your body, mind and soul…with positive feelings, and, thoughts
Spread your good energy around !!!
Do something everyday for someone else who is NOT expecting it!!!
Try to put a smile on your face, instead of a frown
– as, the energy of it, will shine through everything you do.
Learn to love your alone time…
spend a small amount of time daily, alone.
It is good to learn how to breathe,
consider doing tai chi, or yoga, or even just basic stretching…
stay active !!!
Do NOT live in the past…
for THE PAST does NOT in anyway govern your futures…
command and demand, in 100% alignment
with your original missions, original purposes,
and, original tasks – ask, ask, ask, to discard those things that are
NOT within this alignment – allow anything you have chosen to amend, that is in alignment to stay – discard everything else…
The full moon is a time to discard all those things that NO longer serve your highest good, and, will lead you back on track to discover your real missions, your real purposes, and, your real tasks !!!
Command and Demand, that iNTO ‘real’ action…
WiLL iT TO BE…SO, iT WiLL BE, and, so iT iS !!!
~susan lynne schwenger
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Photographer: Susan Lynne Schwenger

iN THE PiVOT of THE NOW…everything is very real !!!

“Playing field” ???


“Floyd, this is NOT some sort of play

or playing field
~ this is NOT an illusion…
everything is very REAL.
There is absolutely NO illusion,
it is the only place,
where past, present, future and now
come back together again.”
~ Susan Lynne Schwenger

“iT iS 1% vs 1% and, 98% are sleeping

“iT iS 1% vs 1%

and, 98% are sleeping

– shall we wake them up???”

~susan lynne schwenger

A return to The Round…THE ORiGiNAL ROUND – will you join us !!!







The Eagle is The 1st aka First Initiation which is, that of The Cosmic Healer








The Eagle is
The 1st aka First Initiation
which is, that of The Cosmic Healer
and, it has 7 aka Seven Levels
those of Male, Female, Male/Female, Female/Male,
Male/Female/Female/Male, Female/Male/Male/Female,
and, Male/Female/Female/Male/Female/Male/Male/Female aka

– Susan Lynne Schwenger
21 December 1976








“There comes a time

when one must take a position

that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular,                

but he must take it

because conscience                      

tells him it is right.” 

― Martin Luther King Jr.











“WE are here to change the world

…and, we are NOT alone”                

~ Susan Lynne Schwenger